Underwater Photographer & Cameraman

Lightning Strike Productions are the underwater photography & video specialists in Palau.Palau has one of the most pristine underwater environments in the world.Highly qualified with over 20 years diving / photographer / cameraman experience.Our underwater media is used across the world from cinematic releases, TV channels and in printed and online publications.Tropical & sub tropical (island) environments above and underwater are our speciality.

Aerial Photography & Film

Lightning Strike Productions captures world class imagery from the air with modern drones or “old fashion” airplanes and helicopters. :-)Our aerial footage is gimbal stabilized and used in productions worldwide, company presentations, real estate & tourism promotions.Lightning Strike Productions was recently invited by the Palauan Office of the President to register the burning of the illegal fishing boats, footage that went viral across the world.

Photography & Film on Land

Our terrestrial media projects are very diverse:Public education, business promotion, environmental projects, marketing, travel shows, law enforcement and news events.We use a range of media production techniques: lock-shots, run and gun, time-lapse and motion control, interview, studio, multi-cam and event photography,If you need media in Palau or the region Lightning Strike Productions is the right partner.Let us create your new commercial for your company.

Lightning Strike Productions is based in Palau & available for assignments around the world.
cameraman / photographer / diver with 25+ years of experience.

Fixer Services For Palau

Lightning Strike Productions has good experience providing fixer services for production teams visiting Palau. Logistical support, pre-production location scouting, filming permits, vehicles, accommodation, crew or talent. Contact us for more details when you are planning your shoot in Palau.

Workshops for underwater photographers / cameramen

Stock Media

With 10 years of filming in Palau and the SE Asia region we have accumulated a vast library of HD and UHD footage across a wide range of environments. See here for more info.

Palau underwater video

Workshops in Palau

We have 20 years of experience and our workshops have the goal to make you a better underwater photographer or cameraman. Tailored to individuals or small groups, we offer instruction in imaging and editing techniques.

Aerial photography & Film

Latest publication / blog

User’s Guide for Underwater Video with the Canon 5D Mark III and Magic Lantern
Eight years ago, the Canon EOS 5D Mark II revolutionized DSLR video, and its successor, the 5D Mark III remains one of the best DSLRs for professional footage. However, as always, there is room for improvement. Combining the Canon 5D Mark III with Magic Lantern firmware takes the camera’s abilities to a whole new level.

Underwater in jellyfish lake Palau

Our camera's

Cameras including the RED Dragon and Phantom 4K. For many projects he uses the Canon 5D3 for it's small size and option of 14bit RAW output, (Show reel).Richard opts for the best in housings by Gates and Nauticam with optics from Fathom Imaging and Zen. A range of lenses and ports.Lights by Light and Motion and Inon. Underwater Tripod.Lenses include Canon 16-35, 100, 50, 28-300, Tokina 10-17, Nikon 12-24, Nikon 50. With a huge range available, please contact for details.

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"Richard was a great help when we were filming our Energizer commercial for the US. His knowledge of the local waters, flexibility and good humour were key to the success of our shoot. This becomes all the more remarkable when you consider the inevitable changes of plan that are forced on you by weather, the sea and most importantly, the marine life that we were there to capture."

Ben Roberts, Producer, Interrogate Agency. October 2010

Show reel

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"I was recommended to Richard by another producer, who had worked with him on a project for Arte in 2009. I requested of Richard to provide footage for my film. His camera work provided stunning images and his technical skills enabled an exact and satisfying delivery of the media. My thanks to you."

Philippe Lagnier, Producer, Capa Press Agency, June 2011

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The Mangrove “highway" by underwater cameraman Richard W Brooks.

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