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Welcome to Lightning Strike Productions

Dedicated to the image, inventive and inspired by nature, LSP is an internationally recognized filmmaking, photography and stock footage production house.

LSP was founded in 2004 somewhere near the Exuma Islands of the Bahamas by Richard Brooks, a Brit with a passion for filming and showing nature to others.

Richard, hailing from the UK, started filming in 2000 and gained employment around the world bringing with him a natural professionalism and attention to detail. This has made the difference between mediocre shots and outstanding ones.

Combining his love for filming, the environment and an extensive scientific education enables Richard to produce films that capture nature at its best.
Now based in the Shark Sanctuary of Palau, Micronesia, he dives on average once a day.

A huge Underwater Stock Footage library is available covering many species from the Indo-Pacific area.

Richard has worked with entities including The BBC, CNN, Thelassa 3 , Samsung, ZDF, CAPA Press Agency, ARTE and Pew Charitable trusts, is involved in many aspects of wildlife and news imagery and will travel for filming contracts.